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Your Current Investments

Assessing your investments prior to returning to the UK is advisable. That way you can make any changes or adjustments before you come under the UK tax regime.


Meyado will do a full analysis of the tax liabilities on your existing investments under the latest UK tax rules for both income and capital gains.

Repatriation Checklist

There are a great many things to organise for your return but follow the steps in our moving checklist template and you can manage your move, avoiding last minute stress

Insurance Analysis

Each of our client's requirements are different and the 24/7 Personal Insurance Concierge service for all household, property and possessions ensures our clients can always reach us.           We will also consult on Family Protection Insurances

Would you like to see more?

When you are ready to discuss your process of coming back to the UK, we are here to talk to you. Our team will work with you to find the right repatriation package for your journey home

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