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Taking the Turbulence out of Coming Home

Whether you are planning your return or you are settling in the UK having spent time abroad to improve your earnings, quality of life and future prospects, at Meyado we believe it is extremely important to make your move as effortless as possible, avoiding the myriad of potential pitfalls of repatriation and ensure your journey home is as smooth as possible.

Let us smooth the waters

With You Every Step of the Way Home

Whatever your reasons for repatriating into your home country there are a great number of things you should consider prior to doing so. In the same way that you would have carefully planned your move abroad you should also prepare in advance for your move back home.

It is common for expats leaving the UK to experience culture shock or "expat flu" when they first move abroad and it is fair to say that many repatriating expats experience a similar set of emotions as they attempt to readjust to their previous way of life. Moving anywhere, be it home or away, can be stressful and can result in physical symptoms or illness. However, if you are thoroughly prepared beforehand such stress can be avoided and help you approach the task ahead calmly.


After all, coming home should be an exciting time.


So please do contact us and we can help find the right repatriation option for you. 

Our Services

Full Financial Review

Whether you're looking for a comfortable retirement or to secure the best start in life for your children, we can help you make financial decisions that will secure your financial future

Current Investments

It is vital to assess your investments and make changes and adjustments prior to returning to the UK. We will analyse all your tax liabilities under the new UK tax regime

Tax Evaluation

While saving and investing for the most important things in life, tax efficiency is essential to maximise all your funds.  We will guide you through the changes to the UK tax regime which apply to you. 

Insurance Analysis

Each of our client's requirements are different and our 24/7 Personal Insurance Concierge service ensures our clients can always reach us. We will also consult on Protection Insurances

School Search

Finding the right school for your child can be a daunting challenge. Our schooling consultants take the pressure off parents by supporting you and ensuring your child is happy and settled

Mortgage & Property

This is an area that repatriating expats can find particularly challenging when they return home. Our experts will help find property and arrange credit or mortgage upon your return

Retirement & Estate

Establishing what is in your estate, what you are liable for and how to pass it on efficiently are essential to successful Estate Planning. We will align this with navigation of changes to the UK pension market

Currency Exchange

Transferring funds back to the UK can be an expensive business. Our consultants can determine the best and most competitive offering for each or our clients

Repatriation Checklist

There are a great many things to organise for your return. Look through our step by step moving checklist and you can manage your move, avoiding any last minute stress

Would you like to talk?

When you are ready to discuss your process of coming back to the UK, we are here to talk to you. Our team will work with you to find the right repatriation package for your journey home

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